Nibiru ‘APOCALYPSE’: Warning Planet X will trigger Yellowstone volcano and split US in two

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Planet X will pass and trigger Yellowstone… but luckily scientists do not agree.

Speculation is growing the legendary Planet X or Nibiru is to pass Earth next month, causing a wave of seismic activity that will threaten all life.

There is NO scientific evidence to back up the outlandish claims, and NASA has branded it a hoax, but stories about the false claims continue to go viral online.

At the forefront of the current claims is Christian numerologist David Meade, who claims codes in the Bible have shown him Nibiru will appear in the sky from September 23, and pass us in October, causing earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

Mr Meade, who also claims signs in the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt give the same September date, said it would pass at around four million miles from Earth, but even at the distance the magnetic force of the planet on Earth would spark tsunamis, polar shift, and global devastation.

Speaking on Late Night in the Midlands, a US conspiracy theory radio show, he said people

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