NASA Whistleblower Bob Oechsler: Exclusive Q&A with JP Robinson – JP Robinson

Remember Bob Oechsler, former NASA mission specialist and UFO investigator until his retirement after the Carp, Ontario, Guardian affair, which involved a package of documents about a UFO crash retrieval and a photocopied photograph of an alien? JP Robinson credits Bob’s bravery in publicly speaking out with inspiring him to write his book The Alien Enigma. What Mr. Oechsler has spoken out about includes things like Government involvement with various ET races, crashed saucers and working craft under human control, bases both human and alien on the moon, alien abductions, UFO organization politics, and why the Apollo moon missions were cancelled three missions short of planned. Some of these topics are explored in this interview, and JP promises a follow-up dialogue with Bob on photoanalysis, favorite cases, and his U.K. crop circle work. (WM)

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