Micah Hanks Interview – The Paracast

Gene does a solo interview with The Graelian Report’s Micah Hanks, and the worthwhile discussion ranges along the outskirts of popular ufology at first, to come “home” to the future of the field itself. Most of the program deals with the history of odd things being reported in earth’s orbit from the early fifties, Hanks making the important point that the subject goes back well before then. There’s some good information about physicist-anomalist William Corliss at the outset, as well. You don’t have to be a history buff or a Tesla fan to find this podcast engaging, although the latter gentleman does find his way into the proceedings a few times. Hanks is an affable and low-key interview participant. He has an interesting attitude regarding–and has published even more interesting material about–the 1890s airship phenomenon. Toward the end of the podcast, Hanks expresses some hope for ufology, and here as throughout the interview, his remarks are well-taken. (WM)

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