Man Claims He Was “Punched” by a Ghost in Skegness – Skegness Standard

The Lincolnshire seaside resort of Skegness has an undeserved reputation for being down-at-heel, but local man Stephen Briggs still finds it no fun thanks to a lifetime of scary “paranomal experiences” there and in the charming nearby towns of Spilsby and Horncastle. Which raises the question of Communing with the dead: miracle or myth? T. P. James claimed to have cribbed from the dead Dickens for his completed version of The Mystery of Edwin Drood and made rather a career of paranormal penmanship, encouraging others to do wraithful rewrites, even unto The Bible. And in an extremely wordy way, Esoterex writes that Friends Don’t Let Friends Hunt Ghosts: The Dogged Haunting of Ballechin House, which tells of an eccentric Scottish Major who liked to haunt his old home in the shape of a spectral spaniel. (LP)

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