How To Meet A Megatherium On A Street In England – Shuker Nature

If this idea appeals, then get along to Downing Street–the one in the beautiful city of Cambridge, that is–and take a look at the sculpture over the door of the Sedwick Museum. Dr. Shuker writes at length on this long-extinct critter and how it came to be represented in the University’s coat of arms. Of more recent, but less certain provenance, is the account in Mermaid Monday: Mermaids off Islay. Can you help Dr. Beach trace more about this close-up sighting off a Scottish Island in 1857? And bringing us back up to date, Glasgow Boy writes further about The William Jobes Photos and shows us more of those taken at Loch Ness by Jobes in 2011, including a sketch of the beastie’s head with “brown feathery hair.” GB takes a look back at a small number of similar descriptions over the years. (LP)

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