Get a Better Night’s Rest

Letting dogs sleep in bedrooms helps people get a better night’s snooze, new research reveals.

This is only true, however, if the dog is present in the room, but not under the covers, a study found.

Snuggling up to animals in bed reduces people’s sleep quality, the research adds.

Study author Dr Lois Krahn from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, said: ‘We found that many people find comfort and a sense of security from sleeping with their pets.

‘Today, many pet owners are away from their pets for much of the day, so they want to maximize their time with them when they are home. Having them in the bedroom at night is an easy way to do that.’

How the research was carried out 

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The researchers analyzed 40 adults without sleep disorders and their dogs over five months.

The study’s participants and their animals wore activity trackers to monitor their sleeping habits for seven nights.

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