EXCLUSIVE: Why do my tomatoes taste of fish? Complaints about foul tasting toms on the up

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People have been complaining that cheaper tomatoes taste like FISH.

So, what could be worse than biting into a slice and thinking there is something fishy about the flavour of your food.

Bizzarely, more people are reporting that exactly that has happened.

Instead of the usual sweet tomato flavour registering on the tongue, their taste buds have been left thinking a morsel of mackerel has just been delivered into the mouth.

So what has happened to the humble tomato?

Complaints appear to stem from the cheaper varieties bought in supermarkets rather than the more expensive vine-ripened options.

The subject of foul-testing tomatoes has made it into a number of online forums as desperate victims try to fathom what’s going on.

One user took to the tribe magazine.com forum to open the debate;

He wrote: “So I’m at my parents’ house and there’s salad with dinner. The salad has cucumbers and tomatoes in it.

“I eat a piece of tomato and pause. It has a distinctive fishy flavour to it.

“Thinking I’m having taste bud hallucinations,

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