EXCLUSIVE: Where is Nibiru video? Doom prophet David Meade dodges issue of Planet X proof

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PLANET X? David Meade won’t comment on a Nibiru video he claims to have obtained.

Mr Meade was turned into an internet sensation after writing the book Planet X – the 2017 Arrival – which claimed a mythical planet system would pass Earth this year, triggering The Rapture on Earth with earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions, caused by the gravitation force of the celestial bodies.

Mr Meade says a rare astrological constellation on Saturday, September 23, is foretold in a passage from the Bible, and was a warning of the arrival of Nibiru next month.

Earlier this year, Mr Meade told Dailystar.co.uk he predicted Nibiru to be visible in the sky from September 23… though it has not been spotted yet. 

During an interview with a US conspiracy theory radio station called Late Night in the Midlands he also said that he had obtained genuine video footage from an astronomer based at an official observatory of Nibiru, making its way to Earth, which proved the myth was true.

However, he said he was yet

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