End of the world predicted as Orionids meteor shower peaks

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Nasa described this year’s Orionids meteor shower as “one of the most beautiful showers of the year” but Christian conspiracy theorists believe that it will bring doom.

The Orionids have been visible since the start of October, but will peak later tonight (October 20) going in to the early hours of tomorrow (October 21) morning.

The Orionids shower is created by debris from Halley’s Comet that come into contact with Earth’s orbit every October.

As the pieces of rock come into our atmosphere, they burn up leaving trails of light.


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The Orionids meteor shower peaks this weekend

Despite it being an annual event, some fundamentalist Christians believe this year’s is apocalyptic.

Biblical Facebook page Maranatha points to the Bible verse of Luke 21:7, 25, which reads: “And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall

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