End of the world: ‘North Korean nuclear strikes, asteroids and apocalypse’ on SEPTEMBER 23

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First there was the August 21 total solar eclipse, then the threat of World War 3 with , before the three great hurricanes ravaged the Caribbean.

And all of these event and more are signs of the “end times” happening all around us, according to thousands of Christians who believe a mythical planetary system will appear in the skies on September 23 to signal the start of the Biblical Rapture.

The following seven years will herald the end of the world.

Christian numerologist David Meade who penned the book ‘Planet X — The 2017 Arrival’ said Planet X, or Nibiru, will pass Earth in October, causing great earthquakes and volcanic eruptions due to its gravitational force.

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How many more signs can we get?

David Meade, Christian numerologist

NASA has pointed out there is little scientific evidence to back up the claim,

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