End of the world LIVE stream: Watch scientists observe Nibiru Planet X in the skies

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Thousands of internet doom mongers and apocalypse enthusiasts have speculated for months that a mystical Planet X, or Nibiru, will approach Earth on September 23.

The colossal planet from beyond the fringes of the solar system, will supposedly wreak havoc across Earth, ending the world as we know it.

These spectacular claims have been ridiculed by the world’s scientific communities for months, and now in an attempt to sort fact from fiction, scientists are gathering to search for Nibiru.

Astronomers from the robotic observatory Slooh have called for everyone to join them as they point their telescopes towards the night sky today at at 7.59pm EDT (12.59am BST).

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Slooh said: “Many people may believe that the end of the world is upon us, but what evidence do we have to support that idea? 

“Slooh is taking a look at the stars, the planets, and

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