Duplicating The Dire Wolf As A Domestic Dog? – Shuker Nature

Ever want to bring A Game Of Thrones to life? Karl Shuker’s excited over the prospect of cosplaying Jon Snow with his very own Ghost. Some mavericks have begun a breeding plan to bring back these magnificent beasts, and Doc Shuker shares all the details. If you’re not a fan of doggos, maybe befriending a sasquatch will make you the toast of the town. Just don’t join the hipsters in the Pacific Northwest, as anyone who’s anyone is On The Trail Of Bigfoot In An Upper Peninsula Michigan Forest. John Carlisle’s joined the hunt, hearing some of the best squatching tales this side of the Mississippi. Maybe you’re the laid-back type who enjoys fish? Wrapping up 2016, Loren Coleman shares his Top Coelacanth Stories Of 2016. Just 125 miles south of the celebrated International Cryptozoology Museum is Leominster, Massachusetts which is better known by David Weatherly as Monsterland. If you can’t make the trip, Ronny LeBlanc’s documented its claim to strange in a great new book that David can not stop talking about this season. (CS)

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