Don Ledger Interview – A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle’s interview with Don Ledger mostly concerned the October 4, 1967, Shag Harbour UFO incident, as time ran out before the two men could come to grips with Don Ledger’s other book, Maritime UFO Files. Piecing the 1967 story together was a major task for Ledger and co-author Chris Styles in their 2001 book Dark Object, and the interview occasionally dove into details, diminishing focus on the story’s fascinating main thread. Some of the same frustration is engendered by Randle’s Roswell in the 21st Century, dissected by David Halperin in The Roswell Bookshelf — Kevin Randle, “Roswell in the 21st Century” (Part 1). We wished we had read Halperin’s post before the book, as he was provoked enough to provide the “missing” Table of Contents. Halperin pointedly notes the book’s deficiencies in editing and in its allocation of topics to appendices versus the main text. Reading the detailed discussions of all the different accounts by witnesses and of the often conflicting positions of the researchers involved can overwhelm minds not intimately familiar with all aspects of the case. But Roswell in the 21st Century remains a crucially important work, obviously the product of a frank review of years of research by probably the world’s best living scholar of the Roswell Story–but it’s not, as Halperin correctly notes, “the definitive book.” We look forward to Halperin’s insights in a second post. (WM)

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