Does Bigfoot Have a Soul? A Radio Host’s Audience Ponders – New York Times

We’ve got good news and we’ve got bad news. Oh my goodness, George Noory’s been profiled in the New York Times! Coast To Coast AM is still kicking butt up and down Church Street! The bad news, Jonah Engel Bromwich and Bonnie Wertheim try to lump Noory in with the likes of Alex “They’re Turning Our Frogs Gay” Jones and invoking the “conspiracy theorist” dysphemism. Still a must-read since it illustrates what Noory brings to the table. Maybe next time they’ll tap John E.L. Tenney because he stands up for all weirdness, like The Ghost Of Alien Bigfoots. John argues against fewer divisions in forteana and anomalistics, while keeping the mind open enough that the brain doesn’t fall out. Did you know Joshua Cutchin’s The Brimstone Deceit is poised to hit the NY Times bestseller list? His treatise connecting the power of scent with the paranormal is deft, incisive, and thought provoking. Best of all, blew away Nick Redfern with its unique premise. Snag your copy today! (CS)

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