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Bomb disposal teams kept busy in Cornwall

Image by didbygraham Flickr BOMB disposal experts are being kept busy on the Cornish coastline as unexplained objects are exposed by storms. A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: “People are finding metal on the beaches and thinking the worst, but we wouldn’t discourage people from reporting things they do find.” An 18-inch-long metal cylinder encased […]

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Schemes to control climate change could backfire, warn scientists

© Patrimonio Designs Limited | Schemes to deliberately manipulate the Earth’s climate could prove useless, and at worst harmful, claims a new study. The strategies include reflecting sunlight from space, adding lime to the oceans, and irrigating vast expanses of the North African and Australian deserts to grow trees. Known as geoengineering, ideas such […]

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Does this photo prove there are ghosts? Nah!

Credit: James Michael DuPont A GROUP of ghost hunters believe they found up to nine spirits inhabiting the Stag theatre during a paranormal pursuit last weekend. The six-strong Kent Ghostseekers investigated the historic Sevenoaks theatre on Saturday night using a range of instruments including a child’s toy and Ouija boards. OK we admit it, its […]

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‘UFO’ seen in Hoddesdon

© Makarand Kulkarni MYSTERY surrounds the appearance of some strange lights in the sky, which were seen over Hoddesdon on Saturday night. A woman from River Avenue told the Mercury that she and a group of four friends were returning home from an event at the church hall at around 11pm on Saturday. Read More

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Stonehenge mystery deepens

Image by Jose and Roxanne (Flickr) Scientists have pinpointed the exact source of many of the rocks used to build Stonehenge. The say the smaller stones, known as bluestones, came from a newly discovered site in the Preseli Hills in Wales. The stones’ rock composition revealed they come from a nearby outcropping, located about 1.8 […]

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Legend of Viking Sunstone is true?

image: claumoho An ancient Norse myth describing a magical gem which could reveal the position of the sun when hidden behind clouds or even before dawn or after sunset, has been the subject of intrigue for many years.  But a team of scientists based at the University of Rennes in Brittany may have proven that […]

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NASA’s Kepler telescope finds 715 new planets outside solar system

NASA Handout The Earth’s galaxy is looking far more crowded and hospitable. NASA on Wednesday confirmed a bonanza of 715 newly discovered planets outside the solar system. Douglas Hudgins, NASA’s exoplanet exploration program scientist, called the announcement a major step toward the planet-hunting Kepler telescope’s ultimate goal: “finding Earth 2.0.” It’s a big step in […]

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‘Gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana!

Image: Some rights reserved by Torben Bjørn Hansen (Flickr) A study in the August edition of The Journal of School Health finds that the generations old theory of a “gateway drug” effect is in fact accurate for some drug users, but shifts the blame for those addicts’ escalating substance abuse away from marijuana and onto […]

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Super Megaliths in Gornaya Shoria, Southern Siberia

Image by Matt Mordfin Flickr John Jensen has posted some interesting information concerning Siberian Megaliths.  John says: I subscribe to a couple of Russian Blogs and Websites that post various data and information without the typical hype and filters of Western Science, Academia and the Press, let alone the fringe and “Alien” woo-woo crowd interests. […]

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new paranormal novel, The Ghosts of Emily Gray.

Author and artist C. Keith Carpenter has recently published his new paranormal novel, The Ghosts of Emily Gray. Premise: Multiple ghosts of a dead teen haunt her family. Synopsis: The story follows Erin, the surviving identical twin of Emily who was tragically killed exactly one year ago. Multiple apparitions of the dead teen simultaneously haunt […]

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Death, Soul, Reincarnation and Healing

  Credit: Flikr: The Raggedy-man On Spirit Realm, Death, Soul, Reincarnation and Healing –Interview with Alex Telman Who are we? Why are we here? Well, we are intruders in the minds of creatures called Human Beings. We use these creatures to learn, to perfect ourselves as Spirits. Our job on Earth is to survive and […]

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Idaho State Trooper Shoots Video of Yeti?

Frame 352 from the Patterson-Gimlin film “I sped up on my motorcycle and the built in camera snapped this video of the entire event. For years, I heard about Bigfoot sightings on Interstate 69, but honestly, really didn’t believe them. That all changed when I watched this video.”—Ofc Terry Malloy A weird story that ends […]

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