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Technological Marvels of the Past

We look at skyscrapers and dams and see them as pinnacles of human engineering, content in the fact we can build whatever we want. However, we often fail to remember the technological marvels of ancient history—buildings or temples which seemed impossible to construct by primitive cultures. Here are ten hopefully lesser-known examples of amazing ancient […]

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9 People You Should Tip

In the age of Square payments and online food delivery apps, it’s easier than ever to click a button and tip your barista or delivery guy. But those aren’t the only people you should  give a little extra. Here are a few tips for tipping, lest you start being known around town as a total […]

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Our Next Rendezvous With Destiny

Member of the 13th Generation? Millenial Generation? The Boomers? Care to track your own development through the maze of historical events to find out where you’ve been, and more importantly, where you are going? Where our country is going? Then pick this book up immediately. Simply put, the “Fourth Turning” is THE most important book […]

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We Don’t Count the Cash, We Weigh It

‘Runaway inflation’ in Venezuela has reached the point where bank notes are being weighed rather than counted. The country’s currency, the bolivar has devalued so much that traders have given up counting the huge wads of banknotes handed over by their customers. Last month it emerged that new 20,000 bolivar notes will be produced to […]

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The Asteroid That Killed the Dinos

The asteroid that annihilated the dinosaurs and “reset the clock” for life on Earth could not have done the job without first liquefying the planet’s surface, a new study found. Lead researcher and geophysicist Sean Gulick spoke to RT. The scientific consensus has been for some time that about 66 million years ago, Earth changed […]

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