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The Legacy of China’s One-Child Policy

“Both my husband and I were youths in Mao Zedong’s era,” says 63-year-old Wang Aiying. “We abided by the Party’s words, answered the Party’s call of duty and supported the Party’s policy.” Among other things, that meant adhering to the one-child ruling, an act of obedience that would, in 2015, leave Wang in deep despair. […]

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Own a Frank Lloyd Wright House?

We here at Mental Floss are known for lusting after Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs. We’d kill to buy a Wright house in Michigan or Minnesota, on a private island, by a waterfall, or anywhere else for that matter. Even if it wasn’t personally designed by the celebrated architect, really. But we have wondered why so many houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright—arguably the most […]

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US Airstrikes Wipe Out Entire Families

The United States is killing entire families in Raqqa, Syria, and enabling Saudi Arabia to do the same in Yemen. In June of this year, the U.S. led a campaign to retake the city of Raqqa from ISIS fighters while the Russian and Syrian militaries were also attempting to do the same thing. In the first week […]

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Sorry, Algore

All week some of the very worst people in climate activism have been trying to make political mileage out of Hurricane Harvey. They range from the inevitable Naomi Klein… NOW IS EXACTLY the time to talk about climate change, and all the other systemic injustices — from racial profiling to economic austerity — that turn disasters like Harvey into […]

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Violent Color Revolution in America

What is now unfolding in America is a process of engineered dissent which is controlled by the corporate elites. This process precludes the formation of a real mass movement against racism, social injustice and US led wars.  This article by Larry Chin analyzes how the elite opponents of Donald Trump are manipulating public opinion with the support of the […]

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Tools of the CIA

A CBS news article published in 2011 entitled “Social Media Is a Tool of the CIA. Seriously”  reveals the “unspoken truth” which the mainstream media including CBS have failed to address.  The CIA is  “using Facebook, Twitter, Google (GOOG) and other social media to spy on people.” This article published by CBS refutes the lies of the MSM […]

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The Disease That Will Destroy America

As a Humanities professor I have had the opportunity to teach psychology and social psychology for more than 20 years. Occasionally the knowledge obtained in these areas allows me analyze and understand social behavior and certain cultural trends. This is one those occasions. If one is able to observe American society in an objective manner […]

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The CIA Heroin Ratline

The Persian Gulf harbors an array of extremely compromising secrets. Near the top is the Afghan heroin ratline – with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) positioned as the golden node of a transnational, trillion dollar heroin money laundering operation. In this 21st century Opium War, crops harvested in Afghanistan are essentially feeding the heroin market not only in Russia […]

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Perp Caught Stealing Guns From Checked Luggage

A former baggage handler at Austin Bergstrom International Airport was sentenced to 18 months in prison Friday for stealing guns from checked baggage, the Justice Department said. Back in June, 26-year-old Ja’Quan Johnson pleaded guilty to one count of theft from an interstate shipment and one count of possession of a stolen firearm, admitting he stole seven handguns from checked baggage, […]

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