Animal Psi – Paranormalia

Robert McLuhan adds this report to the PSI Encyclopedia regarding what pet owners already know: our four-legged friends (and winged or scaly buddies) often know as much about what we’re thinking as we do ourselves. McLuhan delves into research that is anecdotal (as science insists animal psi is pure fantasy) and reviews Rupert Sheldrake’s Dogs That Know When Their Owners Are Coming Home, and Other Unexplained Powers of Animals. You don’t have to be an animal lover to be fascinated by this topic. On a less palatable note, Dozens Of Dead Owls Showing Up Along I-84: ‘It’s Like They Fell From The Sky’. Now authorities are claiming this is not out of the ordinary, as the owls apparently hunt mice along the highway and are struck by oncoming cars in the process. We just think it’s odd how they all got whacked within a small area like they were chasing the Pied Piper as he lead a mischief of mice down the road and out of town. (CM)

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