ALIEN FLYING SAUCER? Could 1950 black and white ‘best ever UFO pic’ actually be real?

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This was the most impressive of the two pictures

But despite the advances in technology, most images are arguably still blurred or grainy at best.

Some still say that the best ever UFO caught on camera was one of the first – an image which was shot 67 years ago.

Just two snaps were taken of the “flying saucer” Evelyn and Paul Trent claimed to see as it flew passed their farm ranch between McMinnville and Sheridan in Yamhill County, Oregon, USA.

All those years on and many still believe these were genuine pictures caught on a simple Kodak camera, although last year there were a number of claims saying it was a hoax using a truck wing mirror as the spacecraft.

One who believes it could be a real flying saucer caught on camera is Russ Calaghan.

The UFO researcher made the claim at a UFO conference in Hull on Saturday.


Taken in 2008, this UFO image is in colour and impressive, but fairly grainyRelated articles Mass UFO sighting: ‘Police chopper

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