“UFOs and Parapsychologyâ€? – Donald Menzel, Ernest Taves – Journal of a UFO Investigator

David Halperin reviews a few publications from the past in ufology and saves us the trouble of being disappointed in their reading. At Mystical Mountain Haven For UFOs, Weird Cults –that`s Mount Shasta we`re talking about–you`ll find a colorful array of varied believers, all devoted to their rituals on the mountain. Makes us want to buy a plane ticket to check it out, as long as we can avoid the naked hikers dancing in the moonlight. Finally, in Photos: Orb UFO hovers at 500 feet near Pennsylvania witness. This case from MUFON contains details of an anomaly in the sky of Pennsylvania at the end of last month. Witnesses reported a feeling of sentience from the object. Take that, Menzel and Taves. (CM)

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