A Student Found An Ancient Canadian Village That’s 10,000 Years Older Than The Pyramids – Business Insider

Where’s Alisha Gauvreau’s groundbreaking discovery? Mesopotamia? Egypt? Indonesia? You’d be wrong on all accounts, and Leanna Garfield has the scoop. What’s more intriguing is how Native American folklore has a strong, factual basis, and only now science is catching up. Further to the east, and maybe a little south of this site, some Vandals Defaced Prehistoric Rock Carvings With Cat And Mushroom Depictions. Sigh. Michael Kransz urges anyone with a tip to reach out to the Department of Natural Resources to see justice served. Possibly by having the little punks squashed by a mammoth. “B-b-but they’re extinct!” Not for long according to Olga Gertcyk, per her announcement that the Initial Stage For Cloning The Woolly Mammoth Has Been Reached in South Korea. (CS)

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