A Ghost Story From Egypt – UW Religion Today

The existence for ghosts may be contentious, but it appears people like Paul V.M. Flesher are sensitive to presences. During his Egypt trip he experienced “The City of the Dead” where the Oz Effect appears to be in place 24/7. Of especial interest is how old traditions haunt Egyptians practicing contemporary Islam, segueing us to Frank T. McAndrew’s essay on How The God You Worship Influences The Ghosts You See and how they frame the afterlife. Some folks go their entire life without seeing a spook, but Allison Meier’s picked up A 19th-Century Guide To Seeing Ghosts Everywhere. It’s not so much for real ghosts, but debunking hoaxes and keeping that medium from pulling shenanigans. Next time something goes bump in the night, reach for your bedside copy for peace of mind. (CS)

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